100G CFP2 Transceiver Module

Transceiver Module

The CFP transceiver module complies with CFP MSA and IEEE802.3ba standards, and the total transmission speed can reach 111.8 Gbps. It has low power consumption and higher rate features, and is compatible with Ethernet and OTN OTU4 applications. The multimode optical module uses ten 11.18Gbps channel VCSEL laser array optical transmitters and 10 PIN photo-detector array receivers. The transmission distance of OM3 multimode fiber can reach 100M and the transmission distance of OM4 multimode fiber can reach 400M. The single-mode optical module uses 4 LAN-WDM channels (EML laser array) optical signals, and is multiplexed to 111.8Gbps, which is output from the transmitter through SMF. The receiver receives 111.8Gbps optical signal input and demultiplexes it into 4 LAN-CWDM 28Gbps channels. It is received by the PIN photo-detector with a transmission distance of up to 10KM. It is widely used in various Ethernet devices such as switches, routers, and data centers.