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In the telecommunications field we are at home. During many years of hard work, our company GLITEL Stropkov, s.r.o. have created a number of devices from telephone sockets to the GSM devices. Our products are constantly developing and the offer of our devices is changing, however, one thing remains common - our devices will connect you to the telecommunications network where you can interact with others. Throughout our activity we have been honored to work with important players in the telecommunications field and therefore our Glitel branded devices can be found in myriads of homes and businesses accros Slovakia. The management system of GLITEL Stropkov, s.r.o. is meeting requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015.

ISO certificate

Technical support

Before the device gets into your hands, its undergous various tests, such as data throughput, overvoltage, load and user tests. Only when all the details have been tuned up and all our high testing criteria have been met, the device may leave our hands. However, despite our best efforts it may happen that technology does not obey. Therefore, we provide technical support and professional help for each device Glitel.

Technical support