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About us

We are a team of skilled people who are not afraid of accepting new ideas and challenges. For 30 years our team of experienced people has been creating a solid foundation for our company in the field of telecommunications technology. Many years of experience on the European market have brought a wide range of products and devices from telephone sockets to phones and routers to optical devices that get you on the telecommunications network. The cooperation with important world leaders in the field of telecommunications has made the Glitel brand visible among operators, companies and home users in Europe. We care about our product quality, safety, sustainability and also the environment and therefore we respect and apply the requirements of ISO standards.

ISO certificate

Technical support

Before the device reaches your hands, it undergoes through various tests, such as data throughput tests, overvoltage, load and user tests. Only after fine-tuning all details and meeting high test criteria the device can leave our hands. Despite the best effort we put in preparing the device, there may occur a situation that the technology does not obey. And that is why we provide technical and professional assistance for every Glitel device.

Technical support


Our qualified technicians will take care of your Glitel devices for the lifetime of the device, including warranty and post-warranty care. The service team is ready to deal with not only Glitel devices but also devices of other telecommunications producers.