25G OEO Amplifier


25G OEO optical amplifier is a device for gaining optical signals in optical fiber links, which compensates the attenuation of optical signals during transmission, thereby increasing the non-relay transmission distance in the link and achieving optical fiber links long-distance transmission. It can amplify services with any rate protocol from 1.25Gbit/s~25.78Gbit/s. It is a protocol and rate-transparent optical fiber converter that uses OEO("optical-electrical-optical") technology to regenerate, amplify, and shape signals during optical transmission. It can effectively save fiber resources and networking costs, OEO optical amplifiers are widely used in backbone networks such as SAN, LAN, and MAN, and because of their wavelength and mode conversion functions, they are also widely used in network links such as Ethernet, SDH, Fibre Channel, OTN, and digital video. OEO optical amplifiers can replace optical power amplifiers, effectively solve the problem that the fiber transmission distance exceeds the equipment transmission distance capability, and can be used for wavelength and mode conversion in the fiber link, which can achieve seamless integration of different fiber types and cooperate with Visint® other network equipment(Such as DWDM, ODM, DCM, EDFA, etc.) to form a complete set of optical network transmission system.